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Great book, a real page turner that keeps you interested the whole way through.

- Amazon review

Totally unputdownable.

- Amazon review

Absolutely brilliant, had me gripped from the start.

- Amazon review

Reading the message, my flimsy hold on reality shattered.

I know who murdered your wife.

It’s day 97. Dr Finn Murray wakes to the cocktail of pills he left on the kitchen counter… just in case he feels like ending this heartbroken hell he calls life.

Barely four months after the horrific death of his beloved wife, everything Finn knows begins to unravel, and soon, he’s not too sure who it is he’s grieving for. Anonymous texts, an estranged half-sister and an obsessive stranger plunge Finn into a devastating web of lies and deceit, where he struggles to understand the truth behind that icy morning his wife lost her life.

It’s a truth that he is unprepared for, and a truth that might just kill him.